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Scope of Work

Joni Foster can assist your organization in various facets of organizational, program and project management:

Business and Strategic Planning

  • Facilitate and provide leadership for high-level strategic thinking, responding to opportunities or threats to the organization’s health such as mergers, acquisitions, financial opportunities and crisis, environmental changes, public policy changes.
  • Using an outcome framework, facilitate the development of strategic plans that tie in budgets, annual plans, communications/marketing/fundraising plans and staff evaluations.
  • Design new program initiatives and identify potential funding.


Financial Management

  • Implement processes for annual budget development and approval.
  • Develop templates for annual budget development processes.
  • Train board and staff on reading financial statements and managing the auditor.
  • Provide financial analysis and modeling for existing and new lines of business (business planning)

Real Estate Finance

  • Train board and staff on real estate development and investment principles.
  • Develop single family housing programs and train staff on the different phases of development.
  • Evaluate and structure real estate financing deals, identify funding opportunities, and develop investment proposals for real estate projects such as housing rehabilitation, rental housing, homeownership, commercial development and community facilities such as water and wastewater systems.

Executive Leadership and Management

  • Facilitate meetings to work out tensions between board and staff.
  • Provide executive coaching to improve leadership skills

Fund Development

  • Develop grant proposals for both operations and projects/programming.
  • Develop and implement communications and marketing plans for organizations and their products.


Community Engagement/Public Policy
  • Develop plans for engaging constituents and public policy makers and assist with implementation.
  • Develop and manage public policy strategy, campaigns and organizing
  • Provide tools and develop processes for managing community/stakeholder engagement such as mailing lists, communications tools, surveys, volunteer management, meeting formats and agendas, etc.
Board/Organizational Development
  • Identify and recruit board members.
  • Provide training to board and staff on board roles and responsibilities
  • Provide organizational development tools and processes for managing the affairs of a newly founded organization.